L10N/I18N Test Week recap

The L10N/I18N Test Week is now over and it’s time to look at whole picture.

Unfortunately I was very sick during the first couple days of the Test Week, but got better in time to run my own test and help others.

I’m glad to see that translators did a wonderful job testing the UI and catching a lot of bugs. Fortunately, Anaconda is in pretty good shape regarding i18n support as well as the overall desktop applications. On
the downside, the lack of a language selector in GDM still breaks the LiveCD experience and LibreOffice langpacks are not being pulled in by yum install libreoffice.

I want thank everyone who helped with ideas and contributions, specially our worldwide community for taking some time to run the tests and share the results.

Don’t forget that we will also be running a Input Method specific Test Day on September, 22nd!

Here are the bugs filed during the test week:

718906 NEW – [te_IN] Disk format message is out of screen during installation
734308 NEW – All the interface strings are not showed in localized ones
734301 NEW – zh_TW] zh_TW does not install the fonts listed on fonts list
734654 NEW – ImportError while installing
734700 NEW – Some string are unlocalized for sosreport message
734298 NEW – abrt has many strings not to be able to translate
734735 NEW – [zh_CN] system-config-rootpassword some unlocalized strings and password tips displayed as question mark.
720240 NEW – [as_IN][gtk][Translation] – Translation Error with “????” appearing
734437 NEW – gnome-utils: the desktop menu for screenshot appears in English
734439 NEW – fedora-release-notes: the desktop menu for the relnotes appears in English
701021 NEW – Translations not loaded when Authencation Dialogue prompted
706756 NEW – No translation on Login-Page of the reboot-menu
726878 NEW – Semi-translated messages (translated strings missing)
734635 NEW – [zh_CN] Redundant question mark in the weak passwords dialog
734643 NEW – [zh_CN] Unlocalized string for authconfig messages
734665 NEW – [zh_CN] im-chooser Unlocalized strings and Gtk-Message: Failed to load module “pk-gtk-module”
734683 NEW – [zh_CN] Some unlocalized string and warning message from system-config-selinux/selinux-polgengui
734717 NEW – [zh-CN] system-config-language the language list is not fully localized.
734303 NEW – Some messages showing in English
734355 NEW – [jp_JP] UnicodeDecodeError [ja-JP]
734434 NEW – Messages isn’t translatable
734283 ASSIGNED – Message showing in English
734709 ASSIGNED – An error message pops up for system-config-boot
734628 ASSIGNED – Some cities and countries are missing in PO file
734387 ASSIGNED – “English” and “To English” isn’t translatable
734656 ASSIGNED – Unable to run with error messages
666038 ASSIGNED – [all languages] yum untranslated words
734309 MODIFIED – im-chooser: Messages showing in English
734305 MODIFIED – [zh_TW] firstboot does not show all the translated strings for zh_TW
734668 MODIFIED – [gu_IN] Missing firstboot translations
734631 ON_QA – The string translated in transifex shows up in English
734338 VERIFIED – translation error in system-config-firewall
734278 CLOSED DUPLICATE – String showing in English
734279 CLOSED DUPLICATE – Message showing in English
734280 CLOSED DUPLICATE – Message showing in English
734302 CLOSED NOTABUG – ‘System’ term missing on the toolbar
734658 CLOSED NOTABUG – Unable to run with error message
734294 CLOSED DUPLICATE – Some strings not translated
734299 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE – mixing up both half-width and double-width characters for parenthesis in authconfig
734314 CLOSED DUPLICATE – “Troubleshoot” in Help menu is not translatable
734723 CLOSED UPSTREAM – [zh-CN] system-config-printer unlocalized string “Settings”.
678583 CLOSED ERRATA – When using pt_BR locale, some tags are not translated like @@NOME_DO_PRODUTO@@

I18n Installation:
734301 NEW – zh_TW] zh_TW does not install the fonts listed on fonts list
681750 NEW – No Language Selection/Language List in GDM

I18n Desktop:
734976 NEW – libreoffice-langpack-*-* not pulled in by yum install libreoffice

Anaconda l10n/i18n test day review

Last Thursday we had our test day regarding translations and keyboard support in Anaconda and we manage to file a lot of bugs. The participants ran tests for a sort of different languages with different input characteristics. I am glad that the test cases we improved for this release cycle were useful to diagnose some bugs earlier than before, so translators and developers have more time to work on them. It was rewarding to see folks from around the globe stopping by to run tests and report their findings.  Although the test day is over, you can continue to test, file bugs and post results in the wiki. I would like to see tests from users who use Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets. If you use Fedora and have a keyboard of those types you still can help us.

Here is a list of bugs filed during the test day:

634385 NEW  – Multiple placeholders within one string in anaconda.po
635042 NEW  – [minor, i18n] “Cancel” button is not translated in various dialogs
634777 NEW  – Firstboot does not show translations in hardware profile screen
634499 NEW  – [te_IN] character appear half in some text box with firefox/thunderbird
634556 NEW  – language support is not installed by selecting few languages.
634680 NEW  – firstboot: License Agreement isn’t translated to Japanese.
634475 NEW  – Anaconda is not fully translated into zh_CN
634484 NEW  – Codes are displayed in anaconda GUI
634486 NEW  – Descriptions are missing in partitioning screen of anaconda
634548 NEW  – [gu-IN]Some strings are untranslated in gdm
634739 ASSIGNED  – terminal exit with backspace or Delete button
628241 CLOSED ERRATA – Fedora 14 Alpha, post reboot installation steps not working

Now it is time to help on the resolution of those bugs in order to provide a high quality internationalization support for our global community.

Translation and keyboard in Anaconda test day

In a united effort from the i18n and l10n teams we are going to host a test day regarding translations and keyboard support in Anaconda. We are accepting feedback from users and contributors around the globe. It would be nice to receive tips from people using different keyboards layouts from a variety of languages. This kind of test is tricky because of the diversity involved in internationalization and keyboard support. That’s why we need help from everyone who can test or even just telling us what you think it is important or worth testing.

There are some test cases I’m willing to improve for a better test coverage. If there is something else you think we might cover please let me know. I intend to add a few more steps for post install in order to test if Anaconda did its job correctly. You can also collaborate with ideas using our Track ticket.

Passando a bola

Como é do conhecimento daqueles que acompanham o meu trabalho no Projeto Fedora, eu deixei a coordenação da equipe de tradução do nosso idioma. Foram quatro anos trabalhando nas traduções como um todo e três anos como coordenador. Foi um trabalho muito gratificante e com um retorno que eu jamais imaginaria em princípio.

Quem assume a coordenação agora é Taylon Silmer, que também é de Belo Horizonte e já faz parte do time de tradução do Fedora e do GNOME. Um dos desafios do novo coordenador será adaptar as interfaces para as novas regras ortográficas e manter o interesse da comunidade nas traduções.

É difícil deixar um trabalho reconhecido e bem sucedido como esse, mas em contrapartida vejo a necessidade de aprender algo novo. Agora pretendo ajudar na triagem, relato de bugs e QA (Quality Assurance – Garantia de Qualidade) de internacionalização, além de continuar mantendo o Spin BrOffice.org.

Eu gostaria de agradecer nominalmente ao Rodrigo Padula e ao Diego Zacarão que foram as primeiras pessoas com quem tive contato no projeto, ao Henrique Junior da Revista Fedora Brasil, a todos que sempre me apoiaram nesse tempo todo e principalmente aos que criticaram e ajudaram a melhorar os processos.