This is the hardest blog post in years for me. I’ve seen some admirable folks leaving the Fedora Project during all this time I’ve been a contributor and I always imagined how they felt. It’s my turn, and I know how they felt now.

It was more than 6 years as a Fedora contributor and I’m pretty proud of all of those years, from the yearly days of the Brazilian Portuguese translation team to the two FAmSCo terms, and all other projects: the Spin SIG, internationalization and quality assurance. The Fedora Project is something very important in my life. It is the longest thing I ever did. Longer than high school, longer than college, longer than any job so far. I’m glad that I was able to meet and work with so many interesting and intelligent people from different parts of the word. It was a wonderful experience.

FUDCon Porto Alegre

Most of my classmates at college made the choice of doing internships and others decided for scientific initiation scholarships. I decided to contribute to Fedora during college. I still remember how many times I though about stopping to contribute because of finals, papers and classes. Things were pretty hard during the first semesters. Right after those second thoughts something interesting to do appeared at the Fedora land: a new software to translate, a test case that could be improved or a talk at an important event. Frequently I was busy with college related stuff and its many deadlines and Rodrigo always came to me saying something like: “I was invited for writing an article about Fedora to an international magazine. Do you want to write it with me? The deadline is next week!”. Those things were hard to accomplish but they were also fun.

FUDCon Santiago

I’m leaving because there are many other things to be done in my life right now. I got my bachelor degree last year and next year I want to go back to study, besides I need to get some rest. Now it’s time to look forward and figure out what else is possible. Of course Fedora will keep powering my computers and open source software will continue to be my main choice. I also realize that there another interesting things going on like open government initiatives and the application of open source principles on other areas beyond software development. I’m definitively going to pay more attention to those subjects in the next years.

FUDCon Tempe

I want to say a special “Thank you” to the folks who supported my first contributions to the Fedora project: David Barzilay and Rodrigo Padula. If today Fedora has a growing community in Latin America is because of the groundwork of those two folks. They started out our regional community from scratch, so don’t forget about them. I also want to thank all the Fedora Projects Leaders I had the privilege to meet and work with: Greg DeKoenigsberg, Max Spevack, Paul Frields, Jared Smith and Robyn Bergeron. Thanks for all the support during those years. I’m not forgetting all the fedorian friends who joined the project over the years. I learned a lot from each of you. Feel free to keep in touch! Thanks, everyone!

FUDCon Panama

7 thoughts on “Fedora, it’s time for me to call it a day

  1. Thank you for the contributions you’ve made throughout the years, I really enjoyed meeting you in Porto Alegre and seeing you again in Tempe.

    I understand where the need to quit comes from, I’ve taken a long vacation from collaborating with Fedora as well, but in the end, I don’t want to officially quit because I know Fedora will keep powering my computers at home and at work. I’m glad to hear yours will be Powered by Fedora as well.

    It’s been fun Igor, So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  2. Has been a complete pleasure to work with you and I’m sure this experience has been a doorstep for your personal and professional career. Hope to keep reading you :)

  3. Hi Igor, the Fedora community will definitely miss you.
    From my personal perspective, I wanna say THANK YOU!
    Thank you for sharing the vision, for your hard work and for supporting so many people along this journey.
    You were definitely one of the pillars for growing the Fedora community in Latin America and I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to work with you.
    All the very best in your quests! I’ll see you around.

  4. Thank YOU for being part of all we have accomplished with Fedora the past years. Those times were pure fun. I hope we can meet again soon in a FOSS event anyways. ;)

  5. Igor,
    this tought come around my mind from time to time also, and I really know how tough is to do all of this things together!
    I’m only would like to thank you for all the help you’ve been giving me all of these time! I keep find rocks in the path but I’m getting better and thats because of the help of some folks like you.
    Hope we can keep in touch. After POA I really consider you, Daniel, Wolnei as friends.
    I huge thank you!

    Jorge Lopes

  6. Thanks for the kind words guys!

    I’m sure that we’ll hear from each other in the next years. I’m leaving only because I really need to focus on my next challenges and I wish success to all of you as well. We still need to keep pushing open source forward on whatever project we are working on and I trust each of you to keep spreading our values.

    See you around!

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