Upcoming FAmSCo elections and a special nomination

As you probably have heard, FAmSCo elections are coming earlier this year. 7 seats will be up for next election and 3 up for the December election. The anticipated elections are a side effect of the FAmSCo election reforms made on the current term. Personally I’d prefer this transition to be made on December, when we usually have FAmSCo elections and when the current term was supposed to end initially. IMHO having elections on the middle of the current term means that the rule is being changed during the game. On previous elections the ambassadors voted for a full term, and my position is that – ideally – we should have fulfilled it in respect to the voters. On the other hand the majority of FAmSCo realize that there are more advantages than disadvantages in making the transition now, for instance the possibility of filling vacant seats.

Although I do not agree with the transition timing, the reform in FAmSCo elections is a great improvement. FAmSCo chair, Christoph  Wickert, bravely conducted this effort and now more people will be involved in the elections and the next FAmSCo term hopefully will be better than the previous ones. Despite the initial polemic regarding the transition, the new rules in place are solid and are the result of a work made by people committed to future of our community.

I believe that this was a short but intense term for everyone in FAmSCo and for me it ends with the feeling of mission accomplished. The previous term, which I was also a part of, was completed and more devoted to small but numerous changes, in contrast with those few big changes promoted by the current term. After those two terms I feel like my mission as a FAmSCo member is now fulfilled and I’m not running for reelection again. Therefore I would like to nominate Daniel Bruno as a candidate for next FAmSCo elections. Daniel has been on the road with us for a long while now and has been an excellent mentor for LATAM. He also did a good job maintaining our local infrastructure at projetofedora.org as well as on building up the open source community in northern Brazil.

After the elections I’ll concentrate myself on organizing the Fedora participation at FISL and do some groundwork helping the Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team. The team needs to improve it’s documentation and put some translations back on shape. That’s what we are willing to do on our upcoming Translation FAD and since I have some experience on translation processes from my early days on Fedora I’ll be glad to help them.

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