L10N/I18N Test Week Coming Up

Fedora 16 is a few months ahead and next week will be localization and internationalization test week for our next release. This time we decided to keep the tests rolling all the week regardless of test days specific dates. The test days pages were created as a suggestion for which day you can participate but if you can’t contribute on that particular day don’t worry, you have the whole week to run the tests and post the results.

Here are the test days wiki pages so you can prepare yourself:

2011-08-30: Localization Desktop

2011-08-31: Localization/Internationalization Installation

2011-09-01: Internationalization Desktop

The L10N/I18N Test Week has been planed on QA ticket #222. Feel free to drop a note, give suggestions or edit the wiki pages. And don’t forget to show up next week and help us to deliver one more release with high quality internationalization and localization support.

Update: we have changed the dates a bit due to the recent schedule sleep.

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