Internationalization and Localization Test Days recap

I’m really glad we successfully finished our internationalization and localization testing marathon for this release cycle. I’m also glad to see that some bugs are already closed or modified. For Fedora 15 the intention was to arrange these Test Days earlier than we did for Fedora 14 because now we can give developers more time to fix those bugs.

I want to thank everyone who helped to organize those events and specially the ones from around the world who took some time to test and share the results with us. I know that such efforts are only successful in a worldwide community committed to do a great job. So a big thank you wherever you are!

Here is a summary of the bugs filed during the Test Days:

L10n/i18n Installation Test Day – 2011-03-01
681192 NEW  – [te-IN] [Anaconda] “Storage device warning” dialog box not
fit into display area.
681152 NEW  – anaconda do not show hint about switching between
languages (shift-shift)
681199 NEW  – anaconda do not show current language status
681484 NEW  – mistranslation in anaconda
681486 NEW  – translation improvements in anaconda
681114 NEW  – Untranslated parts on anaconda 15.20.1
681250 NEW  – filesystem encrypted with cyrillic lang passphrase can not be decrypted at boot time
582536 NEW  – Interface doesn’t allow me to ensure if I enter password in correct keyboard layout
681404 CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE – some untranslated strings in anaconda
681290 CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE – Can’t decrypt filesystem using non-ascii letters
681141 CLOSED DUPLICATE – Some items on anaconda are not translated

I18n Desktop Test Day – 2011-03-03
682160 NEW  – Some names on gnome shell desktop are not translated on
682718 NEW  – Overlapping while printing
681432 NEW  – Rendering of dot and accent over letter ‘i’ in Spanish
681943 NEW  – RFE: Support langpacks specific to Finnish
682096 NEW  – preedit isn’t redrawn properly
681782 NEW  – right side of page is cut off on printing
682141 NEW  – gnome-shell failed to start when changing user language to Chinese(China)
682665 NEW  – [gu-IN]-Rendering is broken in menu & title bar.
682667 NEW  – Lohit Devanagari fonts appearing fuzzy
682067 NEW  – wrong package list
681810 NEW  – Input does not work correctly in some common applications
like QQ
636290 NEW  – should support langpack fallbacks
634499 NEW  – [te_IN] character appear half in some text box with
682152 ASSIGNED  – Fonts in firefox are not translated in zh_HK
640607 ASSIGNED  – [te_IN] Text cut on left hand side for some composite
682716 MODIFIED  – [pa_IN] Default font is not lohit punjabi
681747 MODIFIED  – langpacks not pulled in by groupinstall kde-desktop
or office
682114 MODIFIED  – yum loaded zh_CN langpack but -en language package of
installed application is searched and installed
681802 MODIFIED  – Changing language to Chinese(P.R. of China) results
in Chinese(Hong Kong)
681805 MODIFIED  – No group named Chinese-Support exists
681939 CLOSED DUPLICATE – “yum groupinstall office” does not install
LibreOffice langpacks
681791 CLOSED NOTABUG – Some application do not translate
522047 CLOSED RAWHIDE – ibus-anthy has an ImportError: No module named
669481 CLOSED RAWHIDE – Cannot type anything into gnome-shell widgets

I18n Desktop Test Day – 2011-03-08
681192 NEW  – [te-IN] [Anaconda] “Storage device warning” dialog box not
fit into display area.
682684 NEW  – Audit-Viewer Chinese Simplified translation is not
682693 NEW  – kexec -h is not translated.
682691 CLOSED DUPLICATE – firtboot translation have not been finished
***** Translation teams were also notified of typos and better wording
suggestions via regional mailing lists.

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