FUDCon Tempe Day #1

So here I am at FUDCon Tempe! I decided to write one post for each day each one in a different language. At least I will try to be fair to those ones who are reading from other parts of the world. I still own a blog post in Spanish to my fellow Latin American readers.

Today was the first day of our biggest conference ever and turned out pretty nice. After the barcamp miracle I went to Diana’s talk about her research on Fedora Community from an anthropological perspective. That talk was particularly interesting to me, not only because I’m a Fedora contributor but also because of my monograph paper for graduation degree. I intend research how mass collaboration is impacting the economy and modifying how goods are produced. So it was nice to look at the same question from an anthropological perspective.

After lunch we had good discussions about the proposed goals for Fedora and about how different groups can manage to achieve them in a broader way that benefits the whole project. A similar kind of discussion was made about the future of Fedora spins. We got a consensus that spins are really valuable and that they aggregate value to our project. The last session I attended to was about how to effectively report installation bugs and I really enjoyed the humour of the Anaconda Team.

I finished the day at FUDPub drinking some wine and playing bowling with Nushio, Neville and Alejandro so… I’ll let the picture talk by itself:

2 thoughts on “FUDCon Tempe Day #1

  1. Thanks for sharing this Igor, it is very interesting to me hearing about another POV about Fedora and FOSS at large, apart from internal development, tasks and so on. Please, would you mind ask Diana to share online his thoughts or writings about the matter, for people as me, not attending the FUDCon? It would be really nice! Thanks in advance.

    By the way, kudos for sharing the experience of LatinAmerican fellows there. It reminds me to writing my report about the event i participated, and discipline myself to do that.

    Good luck and Best regards.
    Oh, and kudos too, for consolidating Am FAQ.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jesús!

    I talked to her today and she said that you can look into her blog. Everything is in there:

    There are pretty interesting content in her blog. She also said that she’s going to publish her final work by May.

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