Redmine as LATAM’s ticketing system

Do you want to know what activities the Fedora Latin American Ambassadors are developing?

First of all you will need some Portuguese or Spanish lessons or a translator!

We have been establishing a ticketing system for LATAM. We never had one and I realize that takes time for people to get used to it. The Latin American ambassadors decided to use a Redmine based system which was already deployed on our local infrastructure. This Redmine instance which we call RPMDEV is originated from a project created by Guillermo Gómez (who we call Gomix!) for fostering RPM packaging initiatives in LATAM.

Since many contributors were already subscribed and the tool was already localized to Spanish and Portuguese we decided to go for it. We have been using it for a while and it works great. Jesús Franco even hosted a classroom session in order to teach ambassador how to use the tool properly. Another good thing about this system is that it works as a layer of glue between regional mailings lists. If there is a subject concerning multiple countries it makes possible to send a notification to local communities.

I also realize that another approach could be the use of a Track based instance at, but a localized environment where folks were already used to work was an important aspect to start this successfully. For a matter of good organization we will keep using the specific FUDCon Trac to organize the event and the FAmSCo Trac for budget and reimbursements. Those Latin American ambassadors who are not able to create tickets in English or the ones who need more information can ask me or Neville A. Cross for help. For regional specific topics we want all to feel free to use and explore the Embajadores project at RPMDEV, writing tickets in Portuguese and Spanish or in our common language mix: “Portunhol”!

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