Obsoleting the Fedora BrOffice.org Spin

It has been five happy releases that we ship the Fedora BrOffice.org Spin and now it is time to say goodbye. For me it is a happy goodbye as well. Fedora 15 will be shipped with LibreOffice and fortunately we don’t have to worry anymore about trademark issues and lawsuitstherefore I’m obsoleting the BrOffice.org Spin.

I would like to thank Paul Frields and the Fedora Board for conceding the trademark approval, Jeroen van Meeuwen for the very first kickstart reviews, Bruno Wolff III for helping on last minute issues for Fedora 14 release, Junior Wolnei for testing the input methods, Rodrigo Padula and the Brazilian community for supporting this effort and the whole SpinSIG for wisdom during these two years and a half.

I really appreciate that and you all can be sure that you helped to solve an important legal issue every release since Fedora 10.

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