Anaconda l10n/i18n test day review

Last Thursday we had our test day regarding translations and keyboard support in Anaconda and we manage to file a lot of bugs. The participants ran tests for a sort of different languages with different input characteristics. I am glad that the test cases we improved for this release cycle were useful to diagnose some bugs earlier than before, so translators and developers have more time to work on them. It was rewarding to see folks from around the globe stopping by to run tests and report their findings.  Although the test day is over, you can continue to test, file bugs and post results in the wiki. I would like to see tests from users who use Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets. If you use Fedora and have a keyboard of those types you still can help us.

Here is a list of bugs filed during the test day:

634385 NEW  – Multiple placeholders within one string in anaconda.po
635042 NEW  – [minor, i18n] “Cancel” button is not translated in various dialogs
634777 NEW  – Firstboot does not show translations in hardware profile screen
634499 NEW  – [te_IN] character appear half in some text box with firefox/thunderbird
634556 NEW  – language support is not installed by selecting few languages.
634680 NEW  – firstboot: License Agreement isn’t translated to Japanese.
634475 NEW  – Anaconda is not fully translated into zh_CN
634484 NEW  – Codes are displayed in anaconda GUI
634486 NEW  – Descriptions are missing in partitioning screen of anaconda
634548 NEW  – [gu-IN]Some strings are untranslated in gdm
634739 ASSIGNED  – terminal exit with backspace or Delete button
628241 CLOSED ERRATA – Fedora 14 Alpha, post reboot installation steps not working

Now it is time to help on the resolution of those bugs in order to provide a high quality internationalization support for our global community.

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