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It has been an interesting time for me as a Fedora Ambassador. In the past few years I worked pretty much locally in events such FISL and Latinoware and also focusing my efforts on the coordination of the Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team, what gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the community. Curiously, this year has been particularly different, not only due to the fact that I left the coordination to work on localization and internationalization quality assurance but also that I have been working closer to international ambassadors. Unfortunately,  Rodrigo Padula left most of his activities as an ambassador to work on another projects. He was the only Brazilian ambassador working closer to the international ambassadors community and that left a communication hole with ambassadors around the globe, specially the ones from Latin America.

We realized that having just one person responsible for this communication is not enough because when he or she leaves it became harder to put things back on place. So we decided that anyone who is wiling to work on this will be welcome in order to avoid lack of communication in the future. I really don’t think that in LATAM language differences are a barrier for anything, but there is a clear issue of scalability. For instance, the Brazilian and the Chilean community are particularly big and need someone to help communicating with other countries. Fortunately, me and other guys are stepping up and participating more in the international ambassadors mailing list, in the LATAM mailing list and IRC channels. Participating in FUDCon Santiago was a great way of improving this relation for me. Chile is growing an interesting open source community that I was able to get closer and understand better.

My role on Fedora Project changed when I left the coordination of the translation team to work on localization and internationalization QA and I’m glad that it is changing even more. I am happy to find new ways of working for our community. We built a strong and vibrant community in Brazil in the past years and must keep improving the way we organize ourselves.

4 thoughts on “New directions

  1. Thanks Greg! I have good memories from the first FISL I attended, when I had the nice opportunity to meet you.

  2. Opening regional Communities to our common values is a great step to make contributions valuable for all – good initiative!

  3. Thanks Joerg! We will keep driving those initiatives forward in order to spread our common values and ideas.

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