FUDCon Santiago: Day #1

We got FUDCon started today here in Chile after a lot of months of hard work. The cold weather (at least for Brazilians) didn’t prevent us from have a nice time. Today we already had a lot of talks about all kind of subjects like GNOME 3, LATAM infrastructure, Inkscape and many more.

My first talk was about Fedora’s spins and remixes. I have never talked Spanish for that long and it has been a good opportunity to practice. I guess the audience got it right and I was able to reply the questions properly. You might want to take a look at the slides if you are able to read in Spanish. Also, it was great to meet the new Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith.

Opening talk by Jared

Tomorrow Dennis Gilmore will give a talk about how to join Fedora Infrastructure and Daniel and Guillermo will talk about RPM packaging. Those are just the first talks, we will have a lot more! Give a look at the event wiki page for further information.


2 thoughts on “FUDCon Santiago: Day #1

  1. “The cold weather (at least for Brazilians)”… nah
    You sould have said:
    “The cold weather (at least for Mineiros)”… :)

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