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Final graduation paper sneak peek

Classes at the university are now over and final paper is done. While I wait for the graduation ceremony it’s time to share some results of my research. Basically the paper is about the collaborative environment provided by the Internet … Continue reading

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About a thrilling moment at FUDCon Panama

Before heading to Panama I planned to host a hackfest session to discuss some ideas for the next FUDCons in Latin America. I registered the session on the wiki and prepared a few slides just to guide people through the … Continue reading

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FUDCon Panamá Dia/Día/Day #3

Hoy fue el último día de FUDCon Panamá y fue muy provechoso para mi y creo que para todos que participaron de las charlas y hackfests. Empecé el día en la charla de Daniel acerca de la infraestructura latinoamericana de … Continue reading

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FUDCon Panamá Dia/Día/Day #2

Hoje tivemos três trilhas de palestras na FUDCon Panamá, duas a mais em relação a ontem. Foram realizadas palestras técnicas sobre temas como virtualização com KVM, Koji, arquitetura ARM, empacotamento e também outras palestras de caráter menos técnico, como sobre … Continue reading

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FUDCon Panama Dia/Día/Day #1

Today was the first day of FUDCon Panamá. After several months of planning the event finally started and I’m glad to see how things are going. The first interesting thing is that it was the first time we did a … Continue reading

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FAmSCo Survey and Town Halls

The Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee is setting up the upcoming Town Halls and need your input. We intend to host different sessions according to the regions of the world and their time zones. Of course you are welcome to attend … Continue reading

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Ready for FUDCon Panama?

So, the world did not end after all and FUDCon Panama is just a few days ahead! FUDCon Panama is a great opportunity for folks from Central America to get to know more about the Fedora Project and learn how … Continue reading

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FUDCon Panama updates

If you are going to attend to FUDCon Panama here are a few things you should know: Update the travel planning wiki page with your departure and arrival time so the local team can coordinate to pick you up at … Continue reading

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FUDCon Panama is getting closer!

The Fedora 15 release is just a few weeks away as well as FUDCon Panama. I’m looking forward to our third FUDCon in Latin America. It has been a long journey of learning and shared knowledge in the best way … Continue reading

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Yet another GNOME 3 user review

I have been using GNOME 3 since Fedora 15 Alpha but also used to play with earlier versions of GNOME Shell on previous Fedora releases. I realize that most people get upset when their usual way of doing things change … Continue reading

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